“What a gem of a movie…a must-see film.“ – Ed Farolan, reviewVancouver

“A deeply sincere exercise in movie-nerd fantasy” – John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

“I think it’s a wonderfully crafted movie, funny and very sweet at the same time. It’s a lovely movie. Congrats.” – Academy Award Winner Michel Hazanavicius, director of The Artist and The Search, Trovaserata

“Ali Mohammad proves himself an adroit interpreter of silent movie style here. He intersperses early 20th-century stock footage with his newly filmed scenes to nigh-seamless effect, and unlike all too many movies aping archival cinema, Ali Mohammad’s fake film really looks physically aged… the cast nails silent-film acting cliches without feeling like they’re overdoing them.” – Tony Kay, City Arts

“The film medium is probably the closest we will ever come to having a time machine. Films can take us just about anywhere we want to go in time—revealing worlds and cultures that have long since past and imagining those that have not yet been born. The films made about the First World War—both actuality and dramatic narratives—are time capsules of a cataclysmic event, that even now after 100 years, remain important documents of our culture. Preserving them for future generations is our responsibility and our duty as citizens of the world.” – Caroline Yeager, assistant curator, Moving Image Department and acting film programmer, Dryden Theatre, George Eastman House